Saturday, March 10, 2012

Firetruck cake

I've been requested, by my 6 yearsoldtoday boy, to make a firetruck ice cream cake for his family birthday party tomorrow, which of course became a challenge that has unseated my intended couch/yarn/movie plans, at least for now.

I love brownies.  They are chocolatey, awesomey goodness.  Especially the corners, and how the top kind of crackles and flakes off in their decadent sugary tops.  Serious love.  

I also can't eat them.  Curses!!  

So I've decided to kill 2 birds with one stone, and make the firetruck FROM brownies, then stuffed with ice cream.  Ideally it will be slightly not as bad for you with my method.  

Grapeseed oil, discovered at the local Cash n Carry, is my new cooking toy, I just opened the jug (JUG) last night, using it to replace the butter in the oatmeal peanut butter bars I made for the boys to go skiing.  And from the little I tried, they were wonderfully moist and without all the butter fat.  So today, I plan to try it with brownies, hoping for a nice, moist but not chock full of diabetic coma brownie.  

Wish me luck.  

The plan, man, is to bake said brownies in a long cookie pan, then cutting into general firetruck-ey building blocks which will be then frozen, to be assembled with a half gallon of chocolate cookie dough ice cream stuffed and decorated into what will hopefully then look at least half as awesome as my friend Joy's cakes look.  Which may or may not be successful but will taste great.  

For now, I leave you with a picture of the notes I've made in the cake cookbook I got from a yard sale somewhere and therefore don't feel bad about writing in.  I'll keep you apprised of the status and results, I swear, dear reader, I will return.  


It appears to have gone pretty well!  I'd change a couple things, but overall I'd call it a success.  The grapeseed oil did separate a bit, and I blotted a bunch off the top, maybe next time I'd try half canola/half grapeseed.  And I would add more splenda too.  They are good enough for my purposes though!!

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